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Our Customized, need based selling through


Structured and proactive advice
    •  Money Trees’ holistic advisory approach allows proactive anticipation of your needs and keeps individual   financial and investment solutions in line with your requirements.
     •   By focusing on your needs and financial goals we develop and implement truly customised solutions.

Access to a flexible range of wealth management solutions
     •   A wide range of financial products, innovative advisory services and comprehensive solutions.
     •   Access to experienced and highly-qualified investment advisors backed by world-class investment research.

Disciplined Portfolio Building Approach
    •   Customized, need based Selling through
7 Steps.

    •   360-degree view of the customer's investment pattern - past, present and future.

Customized, Need Based Selling through 7 STEPS

step 1 Need Identification Process
This is the first step to understand what wealth means to you and what your specific financial goals are. This first step helps us to design the strategy for achieving your long-term goals. The procedure followed here is:
a) Identifying your current income level.
b) Identifying your current expenses.
c) Identifying your current savings.
d) Your future goals, plans and dreams.
e) Determining the Corpus / Wealth / amount needed to meet your goals /Objectives and Dreams – Comfortably and Conveniently.
step 2 Comprehensive / Customized Need Based Solutions
This next step is to offer customized financial solutions and plans that aligns with your long-term wealth goals.
step 3 Regular Performances Tracking of your Investments
Through our dedicated Relationship Managers, who would track the performance of your investments on a daily, weekly as well as monthly basis to ensure that your investments are at par with your Long term goals.
step 4 Timely Advice
Timely advice and solutions to shuffle or exit your investments from one plan to another, keeping in line your long term plans.
step 5 Strategic Alternatives
Reviewing the impact of new strategies on your finances and your future. This is done with the goal of educating you to make well-informed decisions, enabling you to take action to improve your financial well-being.
step 6 Results exceeding your expectations
Through regular re-evaluation of your financial picture and providing new solutions to bring positive changes in your life we aim at providing results exceeding your expectations.
step 7 Defined turnaround time
To meet all your: short term, mid term and long term financial goals.



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